Google Pixel Watch

Google's long-awaited Pixel Watch that seems to have been on vacation for a long time and as a matter of fact, it’s been sipping margaritas and tanning in the sun since...
electric high wires

Electricity and its trickery

Nobody really understands what electricity is which is quite a strange concept considering that most of us the entire world over actively rely on this energy source every minute of the...
men looking at a map

Doorstep courier deliveries and how to counter-act theft

The world is a never stopping hub of activity and one that needs a constant renewing of consumables and resources to continue forward. There are many routes consumables and much-needed goods...
phone with a message

Simple Message System (Text messages) history and usage

We have many options to send personal messages now on a mobile phone or smart device. In the modern age there was always electronic mail (e-mail) if you were lucky enough to...
drone in the air

Drones – Are you for or against the Unpersoned aerial vehicles (UAV)

What do you think of when you think of drones? Do you picture the clever little aerial devices that are awesome for videography, filming high definition video of amazing scenes from high...
green lasers

Lasers are everywhere with complicated real-world and space uses

Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser (beam) is a combination of pure light and stimulated electromagnetic radiation, the devices that emit them are delicate...
robotic machinery

Are robots about to take your job?

You may have read the article published recently about Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China and their open-source thinking with continual forward motion in advancements and a reduction in production costs...
White tesla in field

It’s easier than you think to switch to electric vehicles. And it’s a blast!

If you have never had the opportunity to ride or drive an electric vehicle, when you do, the experience is entirely different from that of an internal combustion engine (ICE) variant....
International Space Station

15 facts about the International Space Station (ISS)

Every day the International space station with its on-rotation habitants circle the earth continually and it is the biggest man made object ever put into space, lots of findings and key...
Iphones on blue background

iPhone 12 rumors

The iPhone 11 has been out for a decent amount of time and it was successful and introduced an amazing camera to put itself in the conversation of the phone with...