Android alien logo

Android 10 is Here

I don’t know about you all but this is one of my most favorite time of the year. Yes that’s right Android updates are upon us and for the first time...
Diagram of smart home items that connect to wifi

Home Automation: ZigBee v Zwave

ZigBee v Zwave - What works better As the owner of a Wink Home Automation hub that includes Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Lutron Clear Connect, I have a wide variety of Home Automation...
Periodic table of elements

Dmitri Mendeleev – Father of the Modern Periodic Table

The periodic table is a list of man made and naturally occurring elements arranged by an increasing atomic weight and usually in horizontal rows (periods) with similar atomic structure and the...
Artistic image of laptop with a blue brain on the screen

What is Artificial Intelligence, Really?

A.I. is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, a form of programmed and/or machine learning technology, this has been integrated into many real-world applications including climate prediction, disease control in their cures,...
Small toy robot looking towards blurred sunset

The Rise of Robotics

If you are like me, or a little older, you may remember the popular Television shows, movies and program such as: ‘Transformers’, ‘Lost in Space’ and even peak holiday time showings...
Logitech G9 mouse on black background

Why Did Logitech Get Rid of the G9 Mouse?

Everyone has that mouse that they used in the past that they remember fondly. They love it so much that oftentimes it comes up in random conversation. “Oh wait, maybe that’s...
Clipart image of VCR and VHS tapes

Converting VHS to DVD: Part 1

Being the technology inclined person in my family, it has fallen on me to try and preserve our home movies that have been collecting dust since the late 80s into the...
Iphone 11 on desk with keyboard and mouse

Why Are There 3 cameras on iPhone 11 Pro?

Commercials have been abuzz showing off the new iPhone 11 Pro.  One of the notable points is the new 3 cameras.  That is three; one. two. three.  3 cameras on the...
Dell XPS 13 laptop and charging cable on floor

I purchased the Basic Dell XPS 13 and It has satisfied all my needs...

Bias Disclaimer: I have worked on and used Dell laptops for more than ten years I prefer non touch screen when possible over touchscreen/tablet like devices. I was looking for a...
2 sets of ear pods in charging cases

Galaxy Buds Vs. AirPods

The battle continues, Apple Vs. Samsung! In 2016 Apple released the original AirPods, with Samsung not announcing anything until 2019 with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Of course, shortly after it was...