various colors of Beats Studio wireless headphones

BeatsStudio3 wireless headphones

I am the kind of person that doesn’t feel the need to use headphones unless I’m at the gym and want to drown everyone out. I’ve only used headphones that were...
Side by side image of car dashboard with apple car play vs android auto

The New Shift in Vehicle Entertainment Centers

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connect your vehicle's infotainment screen with the operating system of your device. This usually requires a cable, but updated versions are starting to be released that...
SLogan "Expensive but cool" overlaying White tesla in grass with trees

Expensive but Cool (Tesla Model S Performance)

Some people are car people, they eat, sleep, think about cars all the time. Admittedly I wasn’t a car person until I experienced a Tesla performance first hand. The raw acceleration and...
creative header with padlock

Data Privacy and Big Tech: How much are you willing to give?

It all started for me in 2004 while I was in college. I was at a large university and word of a website called Facebook was spreading around campus. It was...
Smart tv home screen

How to be Smarter than your Smart TV

Smart TVs have been around for a while and are now commonly accepted in the marketplace. Invented in 2008, the Smart TV allows users to access multiple channels and services without...
Kali linux logo with dragon blowing smoke

My Favorite Tools on Kali Linux

Linux has been a favorite operating system for techies, geeks, and hackers since the beginning.  While there are many flavors of Linux available, pen testers have largely migrated to Kali Linux...
Eyeglasses on desk

Staring at a computer all day? You won’t believe this simple fix to help...

As a remote worker, I often find myself on the computer daily for 8+ hours. I often take the time to get up walk around the house, do a few small...
people sitting and table with note book, computer and phone.

Host your own video chat

Start hosting your own video chat software in a few easy steps. If you are tired of using Google, Apple, Skype or any number of other proprietary software to host your video...
internal view of a hard drive disk

Keep your data safe with Uninterruptible Power Supplies

In this day and age, data is important, in some instances can seem even more important that some traditionalist values, of course the world moves on everyday, sometimes backward (as perceived...
Woman using monocular on a boardwalk

Use Tile and never lose your keys again

Always losing your keys, phone, or other items?  Tile might be a good choice for you. Tile is a small Bluetooth device that attaches to your keys, cell phone, or anything else...